When Apple launched their new iPad (third gen), they kept the iPad 2 around as a cheaper alternative for those who didn’t really see the need for a new display or 4G LTE connectivity. Well if you’re still thinking about picking up that iPad 2, you best hurry as according to the rumors, it seems that Apple could be phasing out the iPad 2 once the iPad mini has been launched. This speculation is thanks to an investors note sent by Rob Cihra of Evercore Partners in which Cihra claims the iPad 2 will stop being sold to support Apple’s overall vision. With the iPad mini supposedly being priced cheaper, we guess as far as price points are concerned, the iPad mini would be a cheaper alternative compared to the third gen iPad, although opting for a smaller display might be a very different decision customers have to make versus older hardware (iPad 2 versus iPad 3). Either way we’ll take this with a grain of salt for now, but you might want to take it into consideration nonetheless.

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