When it comes to 3DTVs, chances are the name DaVinci 3D might not ring a bell amongst us, as we would most probably be far more familiar with the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony. Well, this has not stopped DaVinci 3D from working on a 3DTV of their own, finally debuting their Auto Stereoscopic 3DTV which they claim to be the first no-glasses “real” 3DTV. We find that claim to be pretty much baseless, considering how other manufacturers have already beat them to it like the Toshiba Regza GL1 – which is 2-year old technology, by the way.

DaVinci 3D Inventor and CEO Stephen Blumenthal, said, “DaVinci 3D has the only Broadcast Quality, glasses free AS3D platform featuring viewer adjustable depth controls, endless viewing comfort, and technically is a seamless replacement for HDTV. By marrying classical 3D optics with Math based PC processing, we have created the next generation in 3DTV.”

There are plenty of other unknown quantities here, that is does seem to reek more of strong marketing than anything else. What purpose does the use of “broadcast quality” serve over here? So many claims, but how many of them are legit? Certainly it should not be the first of its kind in the market. [Press Release]

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