Cakes are cakes, right? After all how many ways can a cake be designed? There are regular cakes, then there are novelty cakes, but it looks like Disney wants to take cakes to the next level by patenting what looks like an augmented reality cake. No this isn’t an imaginary cake – the cake itself would be real but what the patent suggests is that there could be some elements added to the cake that will introduce interactive movies and images that will make cake eating more interesting. One of the more basic ways of introducing augmented reality to the cake would be the diagram above which relies on a mini projector and motion sensors.

Examples used could be how the cake could be designed as a digital photo frame, with the user flipping through the photos using gestures. Sounds like a great idea of anniversaries and birthdays. The next setup is slightly more complicated and would require a computer and an overhead projector. The projector can be used to display more complex images, such as entire landscapes which would make for a much more epic looking cake. In fact to make it more interactive, it has been suggested that events can be triggered when the projector detects that a slice of cake has been taken, perhaps by redirecting “water” from a digitally projected waterfall into that empty space. We’re not sure how much demand there will be for such cakes, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea nonetheless and I definitely wouldn’t say no to one – what do you guys think?

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