Fujitsu Gaze Detection[CEATEC 2012] If you have ever wished that you could stare at your screen all day while it finishes your work for you, it looks like we’re a step closer to that happening. The folks over at Fujitsu have come up with a new technology that can help turn your fantasy into a reality. Called Gaze Detection Technology, it will allow PC users to control some functions of the computer with the aid of their eyes. All they have to do is gaze in a certain direction, and the Gaze Detection sensor (made up of an infrared LED and a CMOS camera) can tell what you want to do. No more using the scrollwheel on your mouse or hitting the scroll keys on the keyboard while you’re browsing – just stare in the direction you want  the screen to scroll.

While not having to perform certain commands with your hands may seem trivial at first, the saved keystrokes and mouse movements can slowly add up overtime (assuming the Gaze Detection is used effectively by the user) and can save a lot of time in the long run. A pretty neat idea, though folks who tire out in front of their computers might do well to turn off the feature during those occasions, lest they accidentally shut down programs and lose their unsaved work because they looked down for too long (then again, it sounds like a good incentive to stay awake at work).

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