It looks like cars are not exempt from this thing known as firmware updates now, as General Motors (GM) has announced that their 2013 Chevrolet Volt (approximately 4,000 of these Volt plug-in hybrids were affected) would be on the receiving end of a firmware upgrade, and this exercise can be done after you send your ride back to your dealer. According to Michelle Malcho, a spokeswoman for General Motors, who mentioned over a telephone interview, this firmware upgrade is a must have, just to make sure that your precious new Chevy Volt would not end up stalling when in motion.

The issue lay with a delayed-charging function, where this particular feature enabled owners to preselect a convenient time to charge the Volt’s batteries, for example, when the electrical rates are at their lowest. Choosing such an option, however, would see the software run amok and could result in the electric motor shutting off at a different time, even while you drive. Good thing the power steering and brakes are still working under such situations, but it is dangerous nonetheless.

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