A little over a week ago we reported that online retailer B&H Photo had seemingly outed a webcam by Logitech that appears to have been designed specifically for Macs in mind. Well if you were curious as to what the webcam featured, the wait is finally over as Logitech has officially announced the device. Originally given the placeholder of “Logitech Wireless Webcam for Mac”, the webcam has been revealed to be the Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam. As its name suggests, this is a wireless camera that Logitech claims will be good enough for professionals right down to the hobbyist.


The webcam has the ability to stream videos onto Ustream via the Broadcaster program which will be available not just on Mac computers, but will be an app for iOS devices as well. Now since all Mac computers come with a built-in webcam, we’re sure that some of you guys are wondering what’s the point of buying a second webcam, right? Well Logitech doesn’t really see it that way and believes that this new webcam will allow you to capture more dynamic content as the Logitech Broadcaster webcam will work simultaneously with your Mac’s webcam, letting users capture different angles at the same time and putting them together for a more interesting video.

It will also let users swap between the Logitech webcam and the Mac’s default webcam with a touch of a button. This will let users use the webcam without having to be at their computer, and swapping back to their Mac’s computer when they’re ready to sit down in front of their computers. In any case you can check out webcam in action in the, video above or head on over to Logitech’s website for the details.

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