[CEATEC 2012] At CEATEC this year, Nissan unveiled its automated driving vehicle – the NSC-2015, an electric vehicle that can drive itself without anyone behind the wheel. It features a remote monitoring system that recognizes the surrounding environment through the use of an all-around view camera and 4G connectivity. Instead of only relying on GPS to pinpoint the car’s location, the cameras allow the car to recognize its surrounding environment – even when it is in an underground parking lot. As for the car’s automated functions, it can park itself right after the driver exits the vehicle. Saving time for the driver especially if he/she is in a rush for an appointment – not to mention the trouble of circling mall parking lots during a crowded weekend.

Drivers can also give the NSC-2015 instructions through an app on their smartphone – i.e. make the car start up and drive itself from the parking spot to you when you decide to go back home. The smartphone app also acts more than just “remote control” for the car – it can also give users a complete view around the car via its cameras. This useful feature lets drivers inspect their vehicles from afar when any warnings are given, and they can also sound the alarm if they don’t like what they see. No word on when we’ll see this technology on the streets, but let’s hope it won’t be too far away.

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