Ortus has rolled out what they deem to be the “world’s smallest” 4K2K LCD panel, measuring at a mere 9.6” while packing in a whopping 3,840 x 2,160 pixels – sporting a resolution count which is as high as 458ppi. Eat your heart out, Retina Display! Ortus will develop this 4K2K LCD panel to target the video equipment, medical equipment and commercial equipment markets that deal with monitors for broadcasting purposes.

The viewing angle of the panel stands at 160° for both the vertical and horizontal directions, and will also feature a 72% color gamut on NTSC standards. Hardware manufacturers who are interested in implementing this panel will be able to grab hold of samples from November 2012 onward. In order to achieve a resolution of 458ppi, Ortus relied on a microfabrication process, liquid crystal alignment and panel driving technologies that are based on the HAST (hyper amorphous silicon TFT), resulting in 2D video that looks as natural as possible, and some might even think it is 3D in nature.

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