The Japanese perfected the art of kamikaze attacks during World War 2 which took many people by surprise – at least those who were not exposed to this particular move in warfare. South Koreans might have taken a page out of Japan’s history by working on an unmanned aircraft that is capable of performing a precision strike with a release targeted within the next 2 years. This aircraft will not return to base from the time it is launched, as it itself is a self-exploding high-speed unmanned aircraft, with the main purpose of existence being to hit military targets such as coastal artillery shells, long-range self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery and air-cushion vehicles.

State-funded Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) have named this unmanned kamikaze aircraft as the “Devil Killer”, where you can call this a more refined version of a missile. After all, don’t both of them take off (or fire away in the case of the missile), flying across vast distances at great speed to reduce its intended target to nothing but a pile of ashes and rubble?

The Devil Killer is very small though, measuring just 1.5 meters in length and 1.3 meters wide, and is capable of hitting a maximum speed of 350-400 kilometers an hour. With foldable wings incorporated into its design not to mention a weight of just 35kg, the Devil Killer is highly portable.

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