Do you love all things that have to do with the world of video games? I am quite sure that the brick laying title, Tetris, has shaped up your perspective on gaming over the years, and it might even be the game that had you hooked in the first place, although Pac-Man could come in first for other folks. Here is one way for the geeky caffeine lover in your life to kick start their day on the right side of the office desk – with the Tetris Heat Change Mug.

Yes sir, the name itself gives the game (pardon the pun) away, where it comes with a screenshot of Tetris blocks, paying tribute to the retro game that many have come to know and love. Since the Tetris Heat Change Mug is heat sensitive, whenever you pour in something hot (preferably coffee, of course), then the bricks in the game will change. It begins with an an almost blank game, and the more you fill it up with something hot, additional pieces will form at the bottom, and more tetrominoes will drop from above. Sharing a similar display and scoreboard from the game, this is as close as you can get to the real deal without any electronics involved.

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