Have you always wanted to take photos from top-down positions, or from bottom-up angles but found it a bit tricky to see what’s on your screen while doing so? Depending on the shot, that could prove to be a difficult photo to take but thanks to the HiLo Lens Kickstarter project, taking photos from interesting angles might prove easier. Pictured above is the HiLo Lens that has been designed for the iPhone in mind. It’s basically a camera lens that attaches onto of your iPhone’s camera and angles it at 90 degrees. This allows photos of high-rise buildings to be taken with your phone looking forward, instead of up, which could allow you to compose a better photo.


Given its angled lens, it could even allow you to snap photos of people beside you discreetly while you look like you’re on your phone. You might get into trouble for doing that but it’s still one of the possibilities. The HiLo Lens attaches to your iPhone via an adhesive tape made by 3M, and according to its creator, it is reusable and can be removed easily without any residue being left behind. At the moment the HiLo Lens has been designed for the iPhone 4/4S but its creators are working on a version that will play nice with the iPhone 5. If you’d like to pledge your support or learn more, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details!

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