When you are in space, the lack of gravity means stuff would be floating around unless they are strapped down or tied somewhere, and it does give you the illusion that you’re far stronger than normal as you handle a floating safe which you normally would be unable to budge while you are on earth. Not only that, the lack of gravity would also mean astronauts’ bone density gets affected the longer they remain in space, requiring them to maintain a strict fitness regime so that they do not end up too frail when their space mission is over. The X1 exoskeletal robot suit might be utilized by NASA to make astronauts stronger while maintaining fitness levels even in space.


Originally designed to be a human assist device that enables folks with paraplegia to walk again, the X1 exoskeletal robot suit boasts of strategically designed motors that enable high torque applications including stair climbing, coming with multiple points of adjustment to accommodate a wide range of users. When used in space, it can amplify astronaut strength, or perhaps function as an exercise device for long duration missions. There will definitely be changes made to the X1 exoskeletal robot suit in due time to increase its functionality and flexibility, and let’s hope that the whole world ends up the better for it.

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