It was reported a while back that Foxconn would increase their investment in Sharp, but it looks like despite Sharp’s public assurances that there will be cuts in cost and the ability to secure credit to keep themselves afloat, there still remains some doubt as to whether the company will be able to do that, a doubt that was acknowledged by the company themselves. That being said, it has also been reported that there are some companies interested in keeping Sharp up and running and could consider investing in them, namely Apple and Intel.

While we’re not sure why Intel might be interested, it is obvious from Apple’s perspective, namely for the display panels that Sharp helps to produce for some of their products, and also thanks to Sharp’s IGZO technology which Apple is interested in, a technology that was rumored to be featured in the iPad mini although teardowns have only revealed Samsung, LG and AU Optronics’ components so far. Either way even if Apple or Intel were interested, both companies have yet to make an official announcement expressing their interest so we’ll take this information with a grain of salt for now.

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