While wireless charging does away with wires and does not require our phones to be connected, one of the drawbacks is that it still requires the charger itself to be plugged into the wall to draw energy which to a certain extent kind of limits its wireless capabilities. After all when you say wireless charging, what comes to my mind is the ability to take my phone with me around the house or a specific area without any wires and still have my phone charge at the same time. A recently discovered patent by AppleInsider revealed that Apple might have plans for such a feature, although as is the case with most patents, it’s hard to tell if it will be made a reality.

Basically what Apple has in mind is to utilize “near-field magnetic resonance” that will help recharge an iPhone’s battery. There will be an area that the user has to be in in order for it to work, but as the patent describes, it is a “realistic and practical approach to wireless transferring.” What do you guys think of this idea? Would it make wireless charging a more functional feature as opposed to a novel one?

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