As fun as foosball is, it is unfortunately rather big and some of us might not have space in our apartments for them, but if you must play the game, perhaps going digital might help. Dubbed the Classic Match Foosball, this is a “table” in which players will be able to dock their iPad in order to play a couple of rounds of virtual foosball via the accompanying app. The table itself will feature eight 2-axis control bars and the app will even feature the appropriate sounds made when hitting the ball or when spinning the control bars. The Classic Match Foosball table will also charge your iPad although it is worth noting that the table only supports the 30-pin dock connector, which means that owners of the latest iPad will not be able to use this accessory, and given the rather tight fit, we don’t expect you’d be able to fit the adapter either. In any case the table will set you back $100, so if you’d like to pick one up for yourself, head on over to New Potato Technologies’ website for the details.

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