When it comes to the social networking space, there are a number of major players, such as Facebook, Twitter and recently Google+, albeit the latter does not have quite the same amount of clout as the former two. That being said, it seems that Google’s Bradley Horowitz in an interview with Business Insider was quoted as calling Facebook a “social network of the past”, and pointed out that the way Facebook introduced their ads was annoying and frustrating both users and the brands that are being advertised. He then goes on to claim that Google’s approach to social networking is more holistic and that instead of invading our news stream, social ads will show up in regular search results.

He also likened Facebook’s ads to a sandwich board who interrupts an intimate conversation between a man and his daughter. It’s not surprising that Google thinks that they can do better than Facebook, but with 100 million active users versus Facebook’s 1 billion, we think that they still have a long way to go, but at the same time do you agree with Horowitz’s sentiments on the way Facebook handles their ads?

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