It looks as though Facebook has been thinking about its messaging services lately as earlier this month, they announced its Facebook Messenger application would no longer require a Facebook account to use. Now it’s announcing some updates to its messaging services that could have you receiving some unwanted messages from people you may not even know.


Depending on your filter choice, messages from Facebook friends will always be hitting your inbox, and possibly even friends of friends. If someone tries to contact you and you have no mutual friends, their messages will be sent to your “Other” folder, which we’re sure many of you weren’t even aware you had such a folder for those purposes. Facebook will be running a new test that will charge its users $1 in order to promote their message to you from being sent to your “Other” folder, directly into your inbox.

Again, Facebook will be testing this feature to see if there are people out there who are even interested in such a feature for the popular social network. So before you get your torches and pitchforks ready, know that the test could result in a dud, thus keeping messages from people you don’t know to directly hit your inbox.

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