We’re sure that many Portal fans wish that they could own a working Portal Turret replica, but unfortunately we expect that would be out of the price range for many gamers. Well if you’re still looking for a pseudo security system, or maybe just want to scare your mom or sibling or pet that walks into your room while you’re out, deviatART user r4di0fly3r has created a PC based Portal Turret that will rely on your computer’s webcam to sense movement. Thanks to the animation and the webcam tracking, the Turret will actually “follow” you based on your movements and when a motion has been detected, it will fire and basically playback sounds of gunfire. It’s pretty cool and it is actually a downloadable software for both PC and Mac, so you don’t have to keep r4di0fly3r’s deviantART page open all day. If this sounds like a great prank or something you want to check out, head on over to his deviantART page for the details.

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