When it comes to multi-colored candy like M&Ms and Skittles, some folks just love to eat a particular color. Sorting them out manually is definitely a pin when you think about it, so why not enlist the help of modern day technology to get the job done? This is where the Lego M&M Sorter comes in handy, where it is built using a Lego Mindstorms set, relying on its fair share of color sensors in order get the right color of M&Ms for you to enjoy. We have seen a Skittles sorting machine in the past, just in case you were wondering.

I am quite sure that the kids will definitely be able to appreciate a machine of such capability, where it will be able to leave harried parents some time to take a breather, instead of manually picking out the color of their choice. Definitely one of the more creative uses of a Lego Mindstorms set. So far, in your experience with Lego Mindstorms, just what kind of concoctions have you managed to come up with that are able to at least rival this unique creation?

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