If you’ve watched certain news programs, you’ll know many of the reporters have been using a large touchscreen to help deliver the news a little easier. You can see them swipe, enlarge and flip images and even video on their screen, which most likely is a MultiTouch screen. But one thing news reporters have succumbed to when using MultiTouch screens is the inability to use them properly due to the extremely bright studio lights shining on them and the screen. That will be a thing of the past now that the company is introducing its Hybrid Tracking technology.

MultiTouch’s Hybrid Tracking tracks both the reflection of a person’s body as well as shadows they cast to deliver not only the first optical multi-touch technology, but it also is completely free of interference from ambient light. That means regardless of what kind of lighting is being emitted on it, the MultiTouch display will be able to track the person as well as provide multi-touch tracking.

If you own a MultiTouch display, the new Hybrid Tracking is immediately available to you as a free software upgrade and doesn’t require any change to your hardware.

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