Check out the MultiTaction Cell displays that were specially developed by MultiTouch, where it has gained the moniker as the world’s biggest multi-touch wall, and surely this will be part of a groundbreaking business communications facility. MultiTouch’s claim to fame is being the developer of the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen for large-scale displays, so their achievement that you can view in the video above is certainly a sight to behold. After all, we are looknig at the combination of two dozen 55” MultiTaction Cells, and each of these were specially constructed by UK-based Engage Production Ltd. for a world famous company that delivers advice on business advancement, and it will make up the entire segment of a fully integrated and unique communications facility.

The entire setup measures a whopping 9.9m x 2.1m, and stands at a massive 3m high inclusive of its base, but no way this is going to be a wonder of the modern world, although the tech world would definitely be more than impressed with this setup. I can imagine gaming with such a rig, but I guess that the world has far more uses for it. MultiTouch’s Cornerstone SDK paves the way for ultra-smooth, high-resolution rendering that boasts of a native panel resolution of approximately 50 megapixels.

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