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The latest rumors to make their rounds concerning smartphone manufacturer Nokia of Finland is this – it seems that they will be ditching the CES 2013 event as a platform to showcase new products from their factory, but rather, could be working on churning out their fair bit of surprises in Mobile World Congress 2013, which so happens approximately a month after CES in Las Vegas. This might be a bummer for those who have been waiting with bated breath for Nokia to deliver the new generation of Lumia devices to the masses, but perhaps Nokia needs more time to make sure that everything is perfect and polished before it is released to the masses.

All in all, the patience game is one to be played out for a couple of months now, so it would be best if you were to direct all of your attention to different devices that have booked their dates with the showfloor at CES 2013. We will be there to bring you the latest coverage, and just in case anything crops up from Nokia at the last minute, you will know all about it.

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