Parents, especially new ones, are always more than ready to rush to the aid of their younglings (yes, I watch too much Star Wars) the moment they start to kick up a fuss, and this is where baby monitors come in handy so that you can have a grip on the situation remotely (within the same house, of course). Well, we all know that anything to do with baby stuff do not come cheap, and Raspberry Pi has come up with an alternative solution which might just get you smiling – and your accountant, too. The whole idea of a Raspberry Pi powered baby monitor belongs to Matt Karr, who wanted to build one himself with a $35 Raspberry Pi and a Blue Yeti USB microphone.

Of course, some would say that a cheap baby monitor will not cost as much as the $100 USB microphone, but it would have lost out on the geeky factor. As long as your Raspberry Pi runs on Raspbian Linux, coupled with a compatible USB microphone, and a few lines of code, you and your little tyke are good to go.

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