Now here is a conceptual idea that you might want to embrace when it comes to adding some spice to your daily life – designed by Jun Fujiwara who hails from Tama Art University, this particular bottle is simple in its usage, although the design itself can be said to be absurdly complex, as it has a very heavy reliance on software to handle the recording, storing, and playback of audio tracks. Using it is a snap – all you need to do is uncork the device, and should there be sound in the vicinity, it will get to work right away, recording whatever it “hears”. The more individual sounds that are recorded, the better, as an audio database is formed where tracks can be automatically selected to create rhythmic tracks, turning this into a somewhat miniature robot DJ stashed into a tiny jar. Playing back your “creations” will require you to uncork the top and a little bit of waiting. The whole idea of this Re:Sound Bottle concept is to help folks interact more directly with music through the recording of audio in one’s daily life. That’s very zen.

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