Everyone’s favorite music-streaming service, Spotify, announced today it will be overhauling its platform soon to make it easier for its users to discover new content with very little effort. The three new sections Spotify will be rolling out in beta soon, with a full release to all devices planned for early 2013, are called “Discover,” “Collection” and “Follow.”

The Discover section will allow for Spotify users to receive artist recommendations based on their previous listening tastes as well as artists that you follow. The recommendation engine will also show users artists that are touring near them in the near future.

Collection puts all of the users’ music in one place instead of being a group of playlists like it was previously. It will combine recommended music, music you’ve personally added to playlists and music people you follow have shared on the platform.

The last section, Follow, allows users to follow their friends and celebrities like Shakira and Barack Obama. As users populate their follow section with friends and artists they care about, their Discovery section will improve with music their friends and favorite artists enjoy.

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