Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. If you’ve been dying to see Steve Jobs’s muti-million dollar yacht from up close, an Amsterdam-based investor named Michiel Frackers was able to shoot a video of the techie “Venus” docked in a desolate area of the Amsterdam harbor this month. Frackers has just posted the video on YouTube for everyone to see.

In Frackers’s own account, he writes, “On the day after Christmas my girlfriend and I went to take a look. We walked through the fields to get to the former container terminal where Venus was docked. There were a few people on board cleaning the upper deck, but there was nobody else around. We took some pictures and shot this video with an iPhone 5. It’s a very unique design that looks much better up close than in pictures or even in a video.”

If you’ve been following the story, the yacht was previously impounded in the port of Amsterdam because of some legal issues between Jobs and designer Philippe Starck. Steve Jobs’s estate has already settled the matter earlier this week, which means that the super-yacht can now go home to the U.S.

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