The Apple Maps drama has to be one of the most public screw-ups in the company’s recent history as they arrogantly thought they could deliver a maps application as good, probably better, than Google Maps. Not only did they completely fail at that task, but the move also removed Google Maps from everyone’s iOS devices starting at iOS 6. Luckily, iOS users got Google Maps back last month, but Apple would still like for its Maps application to mean something more than a complete and utter mess. And to accomplish that, it may be hiring some outside help to deliver exactly what they want.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Apple may currently be in talks to acquire Waze, which is a mapping application that uses the power of its users to help drivers find the correct route to their destination. Waze was also one of the maps Apple recommended as an alternative when it publicly apologized for the issues all of us were having with Apple Maps.

At this point, negotiations are advanced to the point where price figures are being thrown around. Currently, Waze is looking to make $750m from the deal, while Apple is willing to offer $400m + $100m in incentives. If the rumor turns out to be true, Apple might finally have acquired a company that could possibly rescue its Maps app from more embarrassment.

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