I admit that Audi’s design ideas when it comes to their automobiles these days are nothing short of stunning and inspirational. The Audi TT was the first Audi car that really caught my imagination, and even until today, that iconic shape is able to hold its own, and one of the German automobile manufacturer’s most recent innovation would be doing away with the traditional tail-lights, but rather, install ‘swarm’ lights on its conceptual car instead.

These ‘swarm’ lights will cover the entire width of the boot and rely on organic OLED technology to get the job done. These lights are smart enough to react to the movements of the car, which means drivers behind would have a better idea on what the driver is up to. Basically, the lights will swarm faster as the car accelerates, and as the driver turns, the red lights will start to flow towards the direction where the car is turning. Stepping on the brake would gather these lights in pools. Do you think that these will help road safety in the long term, or would it prove to be more distracting than anything else?

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