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If there’s one thing that most people can’t get enough it’s memorabilia from their favorite movies. Well it looks like Nike is out to please hardcore fans of the cult classic: Back To The Future, more specifically Back To The Future II. Here’s a description of the shoe:

The original NIKE MAG was worn by the Back to the Future character Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, in the year 2015. It came alive, lit up and formed to Marty’s foot. The 2011 NIKE MAG shoe was designed to be a precise replica of the original from Back to the Future II. The aesthetic is an exact match, down to the contours of the upper, the glowing LED panel and the electroluminescent NIKE in the strap. The 2011 NIKE MAG illuminates with the pinch of the “ear” of the high top, glowing for five hours per charge.

The shoe that was only seen in the movies will now be available for BTTF fans to get their hands on. However, there will be a catch. There are only 1,500 pairs of the Nike MAG, and they will all go up for auction on eBay. This means it’s time to put those auction sniping skills to the test.

Taking place over a 10-day auction, 150 pairs of the MAG will be available via eBay’s Fashion Vault. Since hardcore fans will definitely be shelling out a lot of money for the shoes, Nike has announced that all net proceeds will be going directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The foundation will also be matching all the proceeds, which effectively doubles all contributions from the auction.

The Nike MAG shoes will go up for auction starting today at 8.30PM PST. Keep your eyes peeled and fingers ready.

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