Looking around my office, I can see at least twenty things that I would be completely fine with selling on eBay. The thing is, I’m completely lazy and will only put them up for sale when I am bored out of my mind and have absolutely nothing better to do. Going through the process of listing items on eBay, finding a box to ship your item out in and actually going to the post office will probably keep many people from putting stuff up for sale any time soon. But eBay is testing out a new service that could potentially get a ton of customers to use the service who are too lazy to bother with it.


The new service eBay is testing out has users hiring an assistant who can take inventory, pick up and sell the items you want to get rid of on your behalf. The assistant will choose the price to sell the items and will take a 25 percent cut once the sales are complete. If your item doesn’t sell, you can either donate it or have the assistant return it to you, although we’re not sure why there isn’t an option to just put it up for sale again.

eBay also tested out another service where they set up a kiosk in the mall and had potential sellers drop off their bags of valuables off. eBay reps would go through the bags, determine a value and then either offer a price for the entire bag to be payed out via PayPal or the seller could list their items on eBay with the rep’s assistance.

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