So we have a smart home that is hooked up to the Internet, while there are also smart refrigerators as well as Smart TVs by different manufacturers which basically have one thing in common – they cannot live without the Internet, and I am starting to suspect that regular human beings, too, would find life less than ideal if they were to be deprived of their Internet connection. Well,the Good Night Lamp works in somewhat the same manner as it comes across as a series of Internet-connected lamps which will be controlled by a single, main lamp. Should the Big Lamp turn on or off, the rest of the Little Lamps will also follow in a corresponding manner.

Just what kind of practical use is this good for? Imagine you, being the king of your own castle, send all the other little ones to family and friends who stay far from you – at least when you turn off your lamp, it tells them that you, too, have retired to bed. A representation of the social network on a physical plane, perhaps, and this is a Kickstarter at best for now. If you pledge £89, you will end up with a Big Lamp and one Little Lamp, with the option to add more Little Lamps later on for approximately £15 to £20 a pop.

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