Seeing how much Apple and Google have been butting heads over the past few years, the most embarrassing for Apple being its Maps fiasco, you might find it a bit odd for one company to praise the other one at all. But that’s exactly what seems to be going on as Google’s text-to-speech engine has been caught praising the iPad by using the phrase “he now praises the iPad.”The obvious bug can be found using Google Now and Google Translate, as long as you know what to ask. One question that seems to spark Google’s love for the iPad is the question “what is a giraffe?” Another video can be seen where the statement was “Larry Page fell and hit his head so hard with,” to which Google Translate finishes the sentence with the “he now praises the iPad” phrase.

It’s unknown right now what exactly is causing the issue for Google’s text-to-speech engine to go completely gaga for Apple’s iPad, but we’re sure Google will be looking into this little hiccup in its system any day now, hopefully to change the praise from the iPad to an Android tablet.

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