In the world of social media, there’s no doubt Facebook is the absolute king of complete time wasters, which leaves a number of people interested in social media wondering what service follows Facebook. A new report published by Trendstream may surprise you to who exactly is following Facebook in the amount of active users it has.

In Trendstream’s Global Web Index, the fourth quarter of 2012 ended with Facebook having nearly 700 million active users, with second place going to Google+ with 343 million active users. This is extremely surprising news as I’m sure everyone wrote off Google’s attempt at a social network platform a long time ago.

YouTube clocked into the number three spot, although some social media users may question the inclusion of the service in their rankings as we’re sure many of you don’t feel like the service should be considered a social media platform.

Fans of Twitter are probably heart broken to see their platform of choice come into the fourth spot on Trendstream’s report with 288 million active users. What’s probably more heart breaking is the fact Google+ is currently outranking Twitter in the number of active users it has, although we’re sure the actual amount of users subscribed to both platforms is a completely different story.

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