Being tricked into submitting nude pictures of yourself online is a pretty disgusting crime, but to then use those photos to extort more nude photos from the same person is downright despicable. As outrageous as that story sounds, that is exactly what happened a few days ago according to a recent FBI release.

According to TechNewsDaily, Karen “Gary” Kazaryan has been charged with hacking into Facebook, Skype and email accounts to trick as many as 350 women into removing their clothing while he took photos of them via webcam. The way he would trick his victims is by pretending to be the women whose account he hacked to persuade them into removing their clothes. If he was met with refusal, he would allegedly turn to blackmail by threatening to post risqué photos of his victims online.

Kazaryan is being charged with 15 counts of computer intrusion and 15 counts of aggravated identity theft, which if he’s found guilt can carry a maximum of 105 years in prison.

One part of the FBI release we absolutely cannot believe is the fact there are women out there who would get undressed on their webcam for their friends. There’s no way you’d catch us getting down and dirty in front of a webcam for our buds, although it sounds like if they were someone like Kazaryan, we would probably submit in no time.

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