Are flexible displays the holy grail when it comes to portable consumer electronics such as the smartphone? I suppose you could say so, and Samsung did take a step in the right direction where flexible displays are concerned at the recently concluded CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Well, here is a concept that will run along the same line of thought – the iFlex flexPhone concept, being the creation of the de Poorter Design studio in Milan.

The whole idea of the iFlex flexPhone concept is to illustrate the future possibilities offered by such new flexible displays, where both sides of the rigid flexPhone aluminum case will remain connected to the central silicone part via a deformable inlay, in order for the device to assume and maintain any desired angle while supporting new usage patterns. The phone sports a magnetic lock to keep everything in place during the closed position so that it will offer adequate protection for the display from scratches and bumps.

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