[CES 2013] Sure, we will definitely take a closer look at all of the wonderful devices that will be released at CES later next week, but let us not forget that home essentials such as vacuum cleaners, too, will be on parade there. In fact, LG will showcase their latest square robotic vacuum cleaner under the Hom-Bot Square range, and will do so in an entertaining manner by demonstrating its incredible maneuverability with a well-choreographed dance routine at select intervals over the four day technological showcase.

The LG Hom-Bot Square will deliver a significant upgrade in cleaning performance, where this is made possible thanks to LG’s recently designed Corner Master. Some of the features include improved sensors and longer brushes, while ultrasonic and infrared sensors let it detect the right obstacles to avoid, with Dual Eye 2.0 cameras that are able to scan and map rooms accurately even in the dark. Looks like the next generation of vacuum cleaners will be square but smart, and we hope to get more details like pricing and availability soon. [Press Release]

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