[CES 2013] LG knows that the wandering eyes of men tend to have an affinity towards curves, which is why LG has taken this opportunity to unveil the LG EA9800 OLED TV that boasts of proprietary WRGB technology, coming in an incredibly thin form factor that features a dramatic curved design while offering a vivid picture quality which LG claims is practically indiscernible from colors found in nature. Sounds rather lofty, so you will have to see it for yourself to verify or debunk that.

What makes the new LG EA9800 OLED TV different from other models in the industry would be the fact that this is the first curved screen ergonomically designed TV to come with full CINEMA 3D support. Thanks to a gentle inward flex, the entire screen surface remains at an equidistant from the viewer’s eyes, hence solving, hopefully once and for all, the issue of screen-edge visual distortion and detail loss. There has been no word on availability and pricing as at press time, but we do hope that the LG EA9800, when released, would not be too harsh on our pockets. [Press Release]

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