Remember our story a few days ago that touched on a phone in Japan that is still in circulation because it is a favorite of adulterers and philanderers? Well, it seems that they have more or less remained faithful to one brand – Fujitsu’s older “F-Series” handsets, despite playing the philanderer when it comes to the opposite sex, mainly because the F-Series handsets, as we mentioned, did come with some attractive stealth privacy features.


Sporting an aged flip-phone design, it has been nicknamed the “uwaki keitai” or “infidelity phone”, and according to a Japanese blogger who prefers to be called by the handle Bakanabe and writes about picking up women anonymously, claimed that he wanted to purchase a new smartphone, but the privacy settings of newer devices are nowhere near what the F-Series handset offered. Why not refurbish the battered, three-year-old Fujitsu flip-phone instead by popping in a new battery nad a new case?

Bakanabe mentioned, “Women may want to check my phone for strange emails or calls when I’m not around. With Fujitsu’s ‘privacy mode,’ they can’t see that information at all. The key is to give off the impression that you’re not locking your phone at all.”

Sneaky! One ought to take note that these phones are not available outside of Japan, so if you are thinking of batting for a different team on the sly, then forget about it.

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