…or at least, that is what Google would like you to believe. Basically, we have heard our fair share of news and rumors concerning a certain Motorola X phone in the past few days, and here we are with more information on it. The Motorola X phone will be quite different from the Nexus range of devices that Google has approached different Android partners to construct, as the X phone would mark the first time that Google would have full control over everything from the get go – including its hardware and software, and it is not a surprise to see that considering how Google snapped up Motorola Mobility prior.

Some of the rumored specifications point to a high-end camera and great photo software, a bendable display (!), and a high-end ceramic case, with Google CEO Larry Page perhaps adding more fuel to the fire by saying, “In today’s multi screen world, the opportunities are endless… battery life is a huge issue… when you drop your phone it shouldn’t go splat. There’s a real potential to invent new and better experiences.”

Apart from that, there is also word that an X tablet is headed your way, so stay tuned!

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