We’ve highlighted commercials for mobile phones from Samsung, Nokia and Apple in the past, but a new ad Apple is pushing out starting on January 1st is completely ironic considering how the feature they decided to highlight in their latest commercial is currently not working properly.


The latest commercial for the iPhone 5 highlights iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb mode, which, when it’s working, allows you to have only important phone calls come through within a certain time frame. It also allows your phone to ring if you receive multiple calls back-to-back, but other than those two instances, your iPhone will remain silent for the time frame you choose.

As of now, the feature is still buggy for some iOS 6 users, to which Apple responded with “just wait until January 7th and it’ll start working correctly again.” For the time being, Do Not Disturb users should keep an eye on their phone before going to bed and after waking up to ensure your dreams where you’re playing table tennis with the Williams sisters goes on without a hitch.

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