So you think you are pretty fly with a screwdriver? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be pleased to hear that the Nokia Lumia 920 Service Manual has already leaked, and having said that, having a service manual lying around, whether in the form of a printed copy or on a tablet in a PDF format, would come in rather handy if you want to disassemble your beloved Nokia Lumia 920 for kicks, just to check out what lies underneath the hood.

The service manual itself will offer detailed instructions if you want to disassemble the smartphone, and just to make sure that you do not make a mess out of things, it will come with its fair share of relevant tools, including part numbers and other kinds of useful detail. Do bear in mind that taking apart your Nokia Lumia 920 on your own just for fun or out of curiosity would most probably mean you would have voided your warranty, and run the risk of bricking it if something goes awry.

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