If you happen to be a lady who absolutely loves your collection of shoes more than the number of handbags at home, and also have a penchant for all things geek, then you would definitely fall head over heels (pardon the pun) with what Mikeasaurus has posted on his Instructables page – a pair of custom-made R2-D2 Mary Jane pumps.


Yes sir, the world’s cutest droid has just gotten cuter, and who knows, he might be short and stout, but he sure as heck has a way with the ladies, starting with Princess Amidala all the way to her daughter, Leia, and beyond. Heck, there is even a blinking red LED thrown into the mix so that everyone would get a better idea on just what this pair of custom-made footwear is all about with but a single glance. I wonder how much would a pair sell if it were to be manufactured on a large scale…

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