Apple’s stock is not the darling of Wall Street at the moment, and it remains to be seen whether the stock price will recover to hit its previous high. Well, the Russian authorities are not too fond of Apple products either, or rather, fake Apple devices as you can see in the video above. In fact, they enlisted the help of a bulldozer to crush a mountain of authentic looking iPhone 4 and 4S handsets (which could very well be extremely detailed fakes) after picking up a Chinese man who attempted to smuggle these handsets into Russia.

The detained man claimed that the handsets were the real deal, but he conveniently lacked the relevant documentation to prove their authenticity. Numbering 127, these allegedly fake devices would cost approximately $36,500 on the streets of Russia. It is rather comical that the man was fined a mere $65 for his action, which is an amount that would not deter future counterfeiters from trying their luck down the road. Do you think that these are the real deal or not? What would the most cost effective way to employ when it comes to getting rid of alleged bootleg products?

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