We already know that there are two Steve Jobs biopics coming. One is from Sony Pictures, and Aaron Sorkin has been tapped to write the script. Another one is from Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Films, with Matt Whiteley as its writer. Today, we’re learning more about the latter biopic. Tom Ortenber, the CEO of Open Road Films, together with Five Star Feature Films CEO Mark Hulme, announced today that its Steve Jobs biopic entitled “jOBS” will be released in April this year. The film is also expected to premier as the closing night film at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival this month.

The film will highlight the major moments as well as the key people that influenced Steve Jobs from the year 1971 to 2000. Ashton Kutcher will play the role of Steve Jobs while Josh Gad will be playing Steve Wozniak. The filmmakers are also happy to announce that they were granted open access to the historic garage in Palo Alto, where the legendary company started. Meanwhile, Aaron Sorkin’s own version will focus only on three scenes, with each scene detailing Steve Jobs’s major product launches – the Macintosh computer, NeXT, and the iPod.

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