[CES 2013] There are many types of keyboards, ranging from your regular rubber dome keyboards to mechanical ones. Then there are also on-screen keyboards, laptop-styled keyboards and etc. But what if you wanted a glass keyboard? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well it seems that such a keyboard does exist and was demonstrated at CES 2013. This keyboard (pictured) above is called the Luminae and it was created by a company called TransluSense. It features a light pipe, infrared LEDs and regular LEDs to help light up the curved glass, and thanks to three cameras looking up from below, the keyboard will be able to detect which keys you are pressing when you break the light pattern at different points.

This keyboard was apparently inspired by sci-fi movies where we’re sure that many of you guys have seen the characters in the show typing on such devices. In fact it seems that thanks to the use of LED lights, the keyboard can be customized by peeling off the current overlay and attaching a new one. It has also been suggested that one can install a trackpad on the side as well. We’re not sure how well it will type, or if it will be as nice to type with compared to physical keys, but in terms of design it is a thing of a beauty and with it priced at $500, it isn’t completely out of reach. The Luminae keyboard is expected to start shipping in three months – anyone planning on picking one up for themselves?

[Image credit – Amanda Kooser/CNET]

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