Apple’s attempt to ban the sales of the highly regarded Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the US was thwarted by the US Appeals Court, and with the rejection of this sales ban attempt, we can all look forward to the trial between Samsung and Apple that is set to commence in March 2014. Well, that is still more than a year away, and who knows, the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 might be out by then, and no one would think about the Galaxy Nexus anymore, as there will be far newer devices from Samsung which would have hit the market already.

Apple first picked up victory when it came to banning the sales of the Galaxy Nexus, but that decision was reversed in October last year by the appeals court, claiming that in the decision made last year, the California court which approved the initial ban had “abused its discretion.” There is plenty more courtroom drama coming our way in the near future, and do expect both behemoths in the consumer electronics industry continue to slug it out against one another.

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