There is a new SNES emulator in town, and this time around, it would cater for the folks who have Windows Phone 8 as the operating system of choice. It is said that early impressions of this emulator have proved to be extremely favorable, where performance has been rated to be excellent. Perhaps this is because there is the little issue of the SNES emulator taking advantage of native code, not to mention the fact that the emulator itself will also be accompanied by a single free game.


Majority of the emulators out there feature off screen controls, but this SNES emulator is different since it relies on on-screen game controls, delivering a full-screen experience for those who want to get their gaming kicks in on the go. The ROMs will be installed via SkyDrive, and you will need to upload them separately before you get your retro gaming fix. Just which game would you be spending plenty of time with from the SNES era? I’m thinking Super Mario World, Street Fighter II and Zelda.

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