GameStop has conducted research into used game trade and has found that 60% customers are not willing to buy a console that will block used games.  This comes at a time when rumors of the new Xbox not allowing used games are surfacing.  Obviously, GameStop would tend to lose money if the rumors were true, so the study can’t be seen as impartial, but its conclusions are yet interesting to discuss. “Consumers want the ability to play pre-owned games, they want portability in their games; they want to play physical games,” he said. “And to not have those things would be a substantial reason for them not to purchase a new console.” chief financial officer Rob Lloyd of GamesStop said to VG247.

“It’s really only about 4% of our used game sales that are games released in the last 60 days,” he said. “Sony has said publicly that they don’t intend to block used games on its next console. Microsoft has refused to or has not commented on the rumors.” Blocking used games would significantly change the market of the new Xbox, as more people will likely shift to consoles that allow used games. As we said before, such a decision would change the future of GameStop.  With its shares already falling in reaction to the possibility that it may happen.  GameStop needs to find a strategy to keep shoppers coming back to their stores.

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