We all know just how cute LEGO minifigs can be, and perhaps in an effort to increase productivity at the office, a company has decided to listen to consulting agency Acrylicize and actually put up a wall that is full of, you’ve guessed it, LEGO minifigs, which is definitely an art installation that will turn more than just heads. The company in question to have this wall at their workspace would be Qubic Tax, and it is quite a reinvention of their office space.

This was done to interpret “taxes” in an interesting manner, where all the LEGO minifigs are dressed up to show that they are in different jobs, visually representing the kind of taxes that are filed from various industries. Definitely a true work of art, it also sends a rather subtle message that Big Brother is sure to love – remember to pay up your taxes! We do wonder whether the bulk of the cash in creating this LEGO minifig wall went to consultation fees, or to collecting those minifigs themselves.

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