Amiigo, a company that specializes in developing wearable sensors, recently launched a project on Indiegogo. Their product, called the Amiigo Bracelet, is a sweat-proof fitness bracelet and shoe-clip that can measure and track workouts as well as the user’s heart rate and calories burned. The Amiigo bracelet takes it further by also monitoring the user’s blood oxygen levels and skin temperature. What separates the Amiigo bracelet from other fitness bands in the market today is the kind of experience it offers. The company says that the bracelet offers a more personalized fitness tracking experience because it can detect exactly what a user is doing and how the body is responding to the user’s movement.

As an example, the bracelet has the technology to determine what specific activity a user is into, whether its running, swimming, or lifting weights, it can identify these activities and then correlate them with physiological information such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. The Amiigo Bracelet uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to a smartphone – either running iOS or Android – and it can also store data for hours, thanks to its built-in memory. Just recently, the team behind the cool gadget announced that its campaign soared way past its original goal. It’s currently in production and shipments are expected to commence in June. Interested readers can pre-order the fitness bracelet here.

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